The Importance of a Home Fire Escape Plan

February 04 2015

Often people under estimate the importance of preparing an escape plan when it comes to home fires. As the old saying goes, "practice makes perfect", and what better time to demonstrate perfection when your life is on the line. Here are some helpful tips from the American Red Cross to help you prepare a home fire escape plan. 

MAKE A PLAN So how do you make that plan – what should it include? Every household should develop a fire escape plan and practice several times a year, at different times of the day. 

  • All members of the household should know two ways to get out of every room.
  • Consider escape ladders for sleeping areas or homes on the second floor or above. Learn how to use them and store them near the window.
  • Pick a place outside for everyone to meet and make sure everyone knows where it is.
  • Practice your home fire drill until everyone in the household can do it in less than two minutes.
  • Practice waking up to smoke alarms, low crawling and meeting outside. Make sure everyone knows how to call 9-1-1.
  • Teach household members to STOP, DROP and ROLL if their clothes should catch on fire.