Change your summer fire escape plan for winter now.

December 06 2016

Its winter time and with the change of the seasons comes updating your wardrobe and getting ready for winter.

One items that is overlooked many times is making sure you have updated your escape plan in case of a fire. Do you have an emergency bag in your car if you need to flee ? What are you going to do if you are snowed in?

Some suggestions:

  • Check your alarms and batteries
  • Check your saver units and practice how to use them 
  • Check your extinguisher
  • Make sure to pack extra clothes in your car, in a bag. 
  • Make sure your path out of the house and secondary path have jackets and shoes ready.
  • Keep the front of your door de iced - you dont want to fall while escaping
  • Once out of the house stay warm, go to a neighbor

Its a start but each house and condo need their own plan.