Saver Emergency Breathing unit in my car?

January 30 2017

Why should I have a Saver Emergency Breathing unit in my car?


There are may great reasons to have a Saver in your house. From toxic fumes, to smoke from a fire. Saver is a great device that lets you breath so you can get out alive and away from harmful CO2, Smoke and toxic gasses.

But did you know you can carry it in your car for emergencies as well. A few twitter followers have mentioned that they keep a device in their car for emergencies. With issues like toxic smog, black alerts and dealing with toxic fumes during a highway collision Saver is a great quick solution for all of these.

Since Saver is a small portable device you can easily place it in your arm rest storage or a glove compartment. Within seconds you can open and use the Saver Unit for you or your car occupants. Four units are compact enough that they fit in most arm rest storage's in most cars.