What if - trapped in a room during a fire

January 16 2017

What can you do if you become trapped in a room during a fire?

The worst case scenario happens and you are trapped in a bedroom during a fire....

Now what???

First off, never ignore a smoke alarm that has sounded.  React immediately.

If there is visible smoke, get as low to the floor as possible.  Smoke and toxic gases rise in air, so staying low is imperative. Now would be the time to grab the bedside "saver" and use as directed. Avoid inhaling toxic gases by staying low. If able to exit the room, crawl to stay low and get to the easiest means of egress possible.

Always test the closed door for heat, if the door is hot to touch that means the fire and smoke is likely to dangerous to open the door.

If unable to exit the room due to fire conditions. Keep the door closed and try to limit smoke entering the room by blocking the cracks under the door with towels, bed sheets or anything else that would work.  Open a window and shout for help, so others know where you are and that you are trapped.

If your clothes ever catch fire remember to STOP, DROP, and ROLL.
Stop immediately, drop to the ground, and then roll over or back and forth to extinguish the flames.

Discuss these actions with your family and have a plan if a fire ever happens.  Being prepared can be the difference when seconds count!


Austin Noble