Fire Safety Initiative

At Safety iQ, our goal is to better inform the public to the dangers of residential fires and provide a solution by offering our latest fire evacuation device that can prevent smoke inhalation and better mobilize an individual in the event of a fire in order to escape safely. Learn more

Fire Facts

80% of fire-related deaths are attributed to suffocation by toxic gas and smoke, rather than burns from the fire itself. After the first 5 minutes of a fire, it is much more difficult for a firefighter to enter a building due to its rapid spread. Learn more

Smoke Kills

Statistics show that in the United States each year, more than 2,600 people die in home fires – that’s one person every 169 minutes – and 13,350 are injured, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Learn more

 Save Lives

When fire breaks out, escaping a burning building can be a herculean task. Breathing becomes difficult, vision is obscured, panic supersedes clear thinking, and safety can seem so far away. Introducing the Saver Emergency Breath System. Learn more